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Webmail 5 with EasyMail™ Released
Aminco Hosting, a business unit of LOGIX Data Products Inc., announced today that it has upgraded its email users to its latest version of Webmail 5 as well as a new, enhanced version of its EasyMail™ administrator control panel.

Aminco Hosting’s new Webmail 5 with EasyMail™ features:
  • Ajax-based system that allows full drag-and-drop of email items
  • Calendar events for an intuitive desktop feel
  • Interface that mirrors desktop applications while being entirely web-based
  • “Infinite scroll” feature allows instantaneous review of large inboxes
  • Increased standard storage
  • Capability to launch collaboration features such as calendar sharing and SyncSuite which allows users to synchronize contact lists, calendars and tasks between their desktop, internet and mobility devices
  • Help messages and guided wizards via graphics and animation
  • Auto-detect and set up user mail preferences