Monitoring and Security

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Critical Alert and Performance Monitoring

LOGIX utilizes a suite of monitoring tools and applications to determine the health status of all systems. All systems are continuously monitored through SNMP and WMI. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), IPSwitch WhatsUP, InformantSNMP, Dell IT Assistant and other hardware specific monitoring utilities are used to determine system status in our environment.

LOGIX, with years of administrative experience, utilizes a set of guidelines developed  working closely with hardware and software vendors to provide valuable insight into the overall system health and status. Through these indicators, it is possible for us to detect and repair hardware and software errors and failures before they become critical. LOGIX also employs a number of trending and graphing utilities to determine growth and scaling requirements long before hard capacity limits are met or exceeded.

It is now possible to determine, with great accuracy, when a system or group of systems capacity will be exceeded. In this manner, LOGIX can provide Just-In-Time scaling to all of our customers. LOGIX maintains an extremely proactive approach to system, network and application monitoring.

The LOGIX process for continued capacity and performance monitoring helps to ensure that problems are regularly caught and addressed before any impact is seen by end users. When issues arise that are outside of the scope of performance and capacity monitoring, the critical monitoring systems are in place to ensure quick response and minimal impact.

LOGIX requires that a multi-server dedicated monitoring infrastructure is installed in each datacentre. Within the LOGIX design, distributed architecture plays an important role in monitoring redundancy. Monitoring systems track equipment contained within their respective location. Additionally, each system is responsible for monitoring the health status of the monitoring system in the other locations. In this way, the critical monitoring systems are constantly monitored themselves for any sign of performance degradation. The LOGIX automated monitoring systems track critical and performance related indicators 24x7x365.

Generated alerts are relayed to key operations personnel over a number of diverse methods in order to eliminate single point of failure and/or bottlenecks in message delivery. Email messages and alerts sent out from each data centre are relayed using independent servers to a variety of delivery locations. This includes Network Operations Centre personnel with accounts on the LOGIX Hosted Exchange infrastructure.

All operations team members carry corporate mobile devices (BlackBerry) with them at all times. Messages are relayed directly through our wireless carrier as well as a 3rd party SMS delivery system. Additionally, LOGIX employs a 3rd party notification  and escalation service responsible for alerting key staff through a set of emergency call procedures. The monitoring structures in place track a large number of indicators including: service responsiveness, protocol response, WMI, SNMP, and Event Log entries.

For performance, capacity, critical operations (network, software, hardware) and Event Log monitoring LOGIX utilizes a number of proprietary, open source and commercially available products.

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Webmail 5 with EasyMail™ Released
Aminco Hosting, a business unit of LOGIX Data Products Inc., announced today that it has upgraded its email users to its latest version of Webmail 5 as well as a new, enhanced version of its EasyMail™ administrator control panel.

Aminco Hosting’s new Webmail 5 with EasyMail™ features:
  • Ajax-based system that allows full drag-and-drop of email items
  • Calendar events for an intuitive desktop feel
  • Interface that mirrors desktop applications while being entirely web-based
  • “Infinite scroll” feature allows instantaneous review of large inboxes
  • Increased standard storage
  • Capability to launch collaboration features such as calendar sharing and SyncSuite which allows users to synchronize contact lists, calendars and tasks between their desktop, internet and mobility devices
  • Help messages and guided wizards via graphics and animation
  • Auto-detect and set up user mail preferences